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(Last updated February 3, 2016)   

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NSSA's 2nd Annual Film Festival

Tickets are now on-sale at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium via phone, on-line or in-person. Ticket vouchers are also on-sale now at D&R Sporting Goods store. Tickets cost $15. Checkout the posters for details.




North Shore Steelhead Assessment

A Partnership in Research 2015

All studies were conducted in partnership with the North Shore Steelhead Association, and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

The report summarizes the studies and discusses the overall health of steelhead stocks from Thunder Bay to Marathon (Lake Superior). Click here to view the Power Point presentation. For more information please visit the Cooperative Angler project.

Thanks to all anglers that participated in this program in 2015.    


McIntyre River Bank Stabilization Project


  • LHNorth has finished the bank stabilization and has placed boulders in the stream to slow the force of the current and to offer some in-stream habitat. For more information and photos please click here
  • "The Montana Story: Forty Years of Success"  is a short film posted by the Wild Fish Conservancy which supports the closure of fish hatcheries in favour of habitat protection. Please visit the following link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_rjouN65-Q
  • Coming this February Film Festival 2016. New films, new venue, same quality. More information coming soon.
  •     Film Festival 2015 Sponsored by the North Shore Steelhead Association for all anglers and fly fishing enthusiasts, conservationists, nature lovers, film buffs and all those suffering from winter fever .

  • The North Shore Steelhead Assn. is the project leader for a small cold water, Brook Trout stream rehabilitation project in Centennial park. This little creek, which has been named in honor of our friend Jon George, senior MNR field technician (ret) was channelized in the late 60's. The results of this rehab work have been nothing short of amazing thanks to many volunteers and organizations who spent time and dollars in the name of helping these little guys. NSSA member Keith Ailey was asked to get some GoPro footage of the project and he came through, as he always does, with flying colours! It sure looks like the little trout are thriving in the new pools and riffles Please visit the YouTube site below. https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=j4deNWDQ6uo&feature=share

  • Stream Rehabilitation Seminar.  

     Do you know of a degraded trout stream in or around Thunder Bay that would benefit from a rehabilitation effort? This workshop is an opportunity to make that happen. Please take the time to participate in a discussion regarding potential stream rehabilitation projects.  Hope to see you this Wednesday evening June 11th 6-9 at the Chalet in Centennial Park. More information at  www.infosuperior.com

  • Infosuperior.com : A New Web Site to Provide the Latest News on Lake Superior Infosuperior.com is a new web site managed through the Lakehead University Remedial Action Plan Office meant to provide a wide range of current, relevant, interesting information about Lake Superior. Visit infosuperior.com for latest news on the lake.

  • For a photographic tour of the rehabilitation of George Creek Click here Photos taken by Jim Bailey Remedial Action Plan coordinator.
  • Jon George has reported that a 540mm male Rainbow Trout caught and tagged by Terry on May 16 of 2013 in the McIntyre River was captured at Grand Portage Minnesota last week. The angler said it was a salmon !!!
  •     Before and After photos of Centennial Park-George Creek rehabilitation project. The planting has been completed thanks to the many volunteers who committed their time to this project. The installation of in-stream cover will be done in the next few weeks.    ..
  • Terry Kosolowski put together some of the GoPro footage he took this spring. Enjoy!

    http://youtu.be/T-t70baTpSI Steelhead fishing on the beautiful streams of the North Shore of Lake Superior.                                                                  
  • Steel River video.    If your interested in seeing an aerial view of the Steel River, one of our flying members has posted a video on YouTube. Please follow this link to view http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZOVt7TSTa4                                                                                     
  • New Salmon identification Cards are now available at local sporting goods stores and bait shops in and aroung Thunder Bay. These cards will assist Lake Superior anglers rapidly and correctly identify their catch.

Weather and Flow Rate Information

Heading out to the Jackpine, Cypress or Nipigon???

Environment Canada offers Real - time Hydrometric flow rate information for several streams in and around Thunder Bay.

Click here to access the website.




Photo Gallery Needs updating!                            Got a great picture that that you would like to share? Email us your photo (.jpg file preferred) and it will be added to the Gallery. Click here.

















Next Meeting Date:

The next meeting of the NSSA will be the held on March 17at the Valhalla Inn begining at 7pm. Room to be announced

For a list of all the scheduled meeting dates please click on "Member Updates"

43 years!   Did you know that this year marks the 42nd year that the NSSA has been serving our community and district! See "About Us" for more information. 



2016 Dinner & Auction

The annual Dinner and Auction will be held on April 1, 2016 at the Valhalla Inn.

Tickets on sale now!

60.00 each or a table of ten for 600.00

Contact Larry Doggett at 939-1811 or Frank Edgson at 475-7712 or by emailing the NSSA at northshoresteelhead@gmail.com


Major Sponsors


Other significant sponsors include the following


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Kashabowie River Resort


River's Edge Fly Shop

Play it Again Sports


D’N’R Sporting Goods

485 Memorial Ave.

Thunder Bay, Ontario

P7B 3Y6


Toll free 1-888-345-1511

email: dnr@tbaytel.net

website: dandrsports.ca





Ontario Fishing On-Line information

Regulations Summary for 2015


Guide to Eating Ontario Sport Fish  

2014 updated Nov 5    


Where to fish in Ontario

The Ministry of Natural Resources will not be sending out notices of renewal for Outdoor Cards. All members are asked to check the expiry date on their cards before heading out. Here is the link for on-line renewal.

Outdoors Card, Licences and Draws Renewal





The NSSA encourages our members to practice catch and release.

For more information CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW


The Ministry of Natural Resources has a Turn-in-Poachers (TIPS) hotline for reporting fishing infractions.    Call 1-877-TIPS-MNR or 1-877-847-7667



Information from other organizations

Parks Canada - Northern Ontario | Parcs Canada – Nord de l’Ontario

SHORELINES : Stories from our guides and guardians
shoreLINES is a quarterly newsletter intended to keep our partners and stakeholders informed about Parks Canada’s activities and heritage places in Northern Ontario.

Newsletter Fall 2014

The Credit River Anglers Association has issued its summer issue of Light Lines. A good read regarding stormwater management and stream rehabilitation efforts. Click here   

To view an informative video on the adverse effects that hatchery fish have on native species please click on the following link. Consequences of Hatchery Fish

The Native Fish Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1995 whose purpose is to protect and restore native, wild fish and their habitats. Our goal is the conservation, preservation and restoration of wild fish in the Pacific Northwest. We work to establish effective fish management policies based on the latest scientific research, and we encourage the public to get involved in this process.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has released the results of the 2010 Survey of Recreational Fishing in Canada. This report provides an insite as to the value of recreational fishing. Read more


The second newsletter from the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (NMCA) is now available.  The newsletter provides an overview of past information sessions and open houses on the NMCA Interim Management Plan as well as information regarding activities of this past summer and where we will be going in the future. for more information visit Parks Canada's website at http://www.pc.gc.ca/eng/amnc-nmca/on/super/index.aspx



The Osprey is a Journal Published by the Steelhead Committee of the Federation of Fly Fishers.

September's edition of The Osprey has a very interesting article on the Nottawasaga River Steelhead entitled "A Great Lakes lesson in local adaptation and naturalization".

Why stocking salmonids may not be the answer. Click here to read this short but informative flyer by Brian Morrison of the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority

Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association                        This award winning organization has recently issued their Winter 2012 Newsletter which should be of interest to those concerned with stream improvement projects.  

Information regarding the Asian Carp and the Chicago canal situation can be obtained by clicking here to read several articles contained in this report     Inland Seas Angler GREAT LAKES BASIN REPORT



Caught a tagged fish? 

Report a Tag  


Please report it to Jon George, Portage Creek program administrator click here.


Include the following information in your email;

Location caught. 

Was it kept or released

Date the fish was caught

Tag number and color.

Condition of the fish

Size of the fish (Length and girth)




Scientific Information:

"2012 Annual Report LaMP "The Lake Superior Binational Program partners are continuing to develop and implement the LaMP. Click the link above to access the Lakewide Management Plan 2012 Annual Report for Lake Superior (or LaMP).       

"The 2011 Lower Current River Habitat Assessment" December 1, 2011. Prepared for:
Thunder Bay District Stewardship Council &
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Thunder Bay, ON
Prepared by: Dr. Robert F. Foster of Northern Bioscience Ecological Consulting       

Fish habitat mapping and electrofishing was conducted between August 31 and September 23, 2011 on the Current River below the Boulevard Lake dam and its mouth at Lake Superior. A total of 1063 fish of 10 species were caught during 10,976 seconds of electrofishing. Large fish species included one adult and five young of the year (YOY) walleye, 63 rainbow trout, 3 brook trout, and 32 YOY white sucker. To read the complete report Click Here

"Thunder Bay Salmon Derby Monitoring Report 2008-2011" Click here to read the report   The Upper Great Lakes Management Unit has released a Quik report 11-03.     

Thunder Bay District Stewardship Council "Cedar, Pitch & Whitewood Creeks Benthic Invertebrate and Fish Community Assessment" by Northern Biosicence Aquatic assessments on three Whitefish River tributaries were conducted due to some concern over potential impacts from land use practices within the watersheds of Cedar, Pitch, and Whitewood creeks. The health of benthic invertebrate communities was assessed used the Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network (OBBN) protocol at three sites in 2010, which were compared to previously assessed reference sites on the same tributaries. For the complete report please read the attached pdf file Whitefish Tributaries Assessment

Environment Canada releases a new video entitled "Keeping the Great Lakes Great"



"Common Parasites of Ontario Fishes" Edited by H Ayles and published in 1970 by the Department of Lands and Forest this old reference text is still a valuable aid to fisherman. Click here to view.

"Potential Steelhead Production in the Current River" To view the Beak Report,which was prepared in May 1990, please "click here" This is a large file and may take a few minutes to download.

"Wild Pacific Salmon of the Ganaraska River and Ganaraska Reion Conservation Authority Watersheds". Why stocking salmonids may not be the answer. Click here to read this short but informative flyer by Brian Morrison of the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority

Fish-killing virus (VHS) has invaded Lake Superior. Viral Haemorrhagic Septicemia has been found in fish from Duluth harbour. For the full story click here

"Carry-over effect of captive breeding reduces reproductive fitness of wild-born descendants in the wild". Click here to read the paper                  

"Management Perspectives on Coaster Brook Trout Rehabilitation in the Lake Superior Basin" by
DONALD R. SCHREINER. Click here to read this paper

"Thermal diversity of fish in southern Ontario watersheds & climate change" by Nicholas Jones This paper pertains to the Lake Superior watershed as well as S. Ontario. Click here to access.


Interesting read "Effects of Commercially Available Egg Cures on the Survival of Juvenile Salominds" by Shaun Clements, Rob Chitwood, and Carl B Scherck.


Is there a resident Rainbow Trout population in the Current River above the Boulevard Lake dam? This recently released scientific paper describes how that could occur. Click here for more information.

Check out the concerns being  expressed  by the Wild Steehead Coalition  regarding the state of the Rainbow Trout fishery on  the west coast !

Benthic Report on North Shore Streams

The study which includes samples from North Shore streams and two local streams is being done through the Study Our Streams program. Click here to view the 2008 report

Trout Lake Learning Centre

2008 McIntyre River / Rainbow Trout Study

by Blair Wasylenko funded by the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund

Genetic characteristics of Rainbow Trout

Genetic Analysis of North Shore Steelhead by Peter Addison. Available in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

Wild Salmon Centre. Japan appears to be on the right track when it comes to protecting watersheds. Click here to read an interesting article which appeared in the Wild Salmon Centre Newsletter.

The Sea Lamprey Contol division of the DFO will be conducting lampricide application in our district during this upcoming field season. To view the application schedule "click here"